10 thoughts on “The Ivy Bear at Alder Creek”

      1. Hello. I am Corrie Beach. My family and I lived across the street from the Ivy Bear in the last 60s and early 70s. If you look across the hwy you will see a road that I walked every morning and afternoon aft er the school bus would me up or would drop me off. during the early 70 the Mt hood hwy had been redone and it is now what you drive on now. It only hade 2 lanes. it has 2 lanes east and west. I am the daughter of the late Douglas Beach. He had a TV repair shop in Sandy and also at Wemme, Oregon. I grew up with my childhood friends The Bowmans. The golf course used to be the Bowmans Golf Course.

        1. Hello Corrie. Thank you so very much for sharing. If you have any more remembrances or even some photos that you like to share, we’d love to see and hear them. Thank you.

          1. I remember your family corrie beach im Mike Bogart we lived on alder dr. On your side of hwy they had live beers where the log cabin is at one time pizza restaurant was a gift shop wood carver next door was the Forest Inn i still have family there..

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