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Welcome to my new blog… as if I have time for another project. 🙂

Some may already be aware of my web site. It is becoming quite popular as time goes by, but I was inspired by the “Cafe Unknown” history blog. It’s a great blog with some really good info about Portland, Oregon’s history. Perhaps I can create a similar web site focused on my own center of interest, the Mt. Hood Loop Highway, including the Historic Columbia River Highway.

So if you come here to visit, please give me a heads up so I know that I’m not talking to myself.

Gary Randall
Brightwood, Oregon

4 thoughts on “Mt. Hood History Blog”

  1. I’m looking for a picture of the old school house that used to sit on the southwest corner of Welches Rd.&Hwy 26. My mother went to school there.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I’m researching Sandy Grade School for it’s 90th anniversary next year. Any ideas where I could find old pictures and info on its opening in 1931 and its first few years? I’ll check with the Historical Society once it opens again, but your blog makes me think you may have some tips and tricks (it’s amazing, by the way).


    1. Hi Lindy. I would think that the Sandy Historical Society would be your best bet but don’t discount popping into one of the Facebook pages for Sandy and dropping the question in there. I’ve done that before and have gotten a lot of information from folks who remember certain events. Although there my not be someone who remembers the actual event in 1993, they may still have information.

      Thank you Lindy.

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