Welcome to an exciting new era in written and photographic history of the Mount Hood Area.

This web site was created to document the colorful history of Mount Hood and the communities that share its shadow, including the Columbia River Gorge.

The area covered in this web site is reflected in this old Mt. Hood Loop Highway road map (at right) showing the three segments of the "Loop". The "Historic Columbia River Highway" at the upper or northern side of Mt. Hood travels through the scenic Columbia River Gorge. The "Road to Mt. Hood" on the lower or southern side of "The Mountain" parallels Sam Barlow's old toll road and the last leg of the Oregon Trail. The two are ultimately connected on the East side of the mountain by today's Highway 35 that follows the East Fork of the Hood River into and through the Hood River Valley to the Columbia River.

With today's automobiles and modern roads The Mt. Hood Loop is a great trip to make, and the trip can typically be done well within a full but leisurely day.

This is not a commercial site. I make no money from it. This is my hobby. I welcome any input, and encourage contributors. I enjoy history, and I love Mt. Hood and The Columbia River Gorge.

Please enjoy your visit to Mt. Hood History dot com.

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Click here for a 1920's photographic tour of the Historic Mt. Hood Loop Highway.

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