Motorcycle 8000' Up On Mt. Hood - Axel Kildahl motorcycle climb Mt Hood Oregon

Motorcycle 8000′ Up On Mt. Hood

Motorcyclist Makes An Altitude Record – September 13, 1914

Axel Kildahl Drives Machine Over Snow and Ice 7600 Feet Above Government Camp

All altitude records for Mount Hood with motor driven vehicles were smashed last Sunday by Axel Kildahl of Lents, Oregon, when riding his Dayton motorcycle, he drove the machine over snow and ice from Government Camp to an elevation of 7600 feet. Great has been the competition during the last season among the local motorcycle dealers to place their two wheeled machines farther up the mountain side than their competitor.

Several parties have succeeded in climbing as high as 7000 feet above sea level, but the last 600 feet accomplished by Kildahl stands as an endurance test that the experts claim will not be broken in many years to come.

There were 12 cyclists who left Portland Saturday, September 5, and stopped at Rhododendron tavern over night. Sunday morning bright and early the ascent of the mountain was begun. After battling most of the day Kildahl finally placed his machine at a distance up the side of the mountain never traversed by a wheeled vehicle of any kind. During the last 500 feet of the climb Kildahl was forced to stop every 100 feet to allow his engine to cool. While the cylinders cooled the men amused themselves snowballing.

Motorcyclist Makes An Altitude Record - Axel Kildahl Drives Machine Over Snow and Ice 7600 Feet Above Government Camp

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