2 thoughts on “Mount Hood Highway at Alder Creek 1939”

  1. I grew up about a mile east of Alder Creek, the community of Wildcat Creek. Remember the Ivy Bear in all it’s glory. We went to the old Welches Grade School, the old school building located right on the hwy and Welches Rd. I loved that building was so beautiful. Never knew why it was destroyed. Would have been a great piece of Mt. history for sure. Sign for the resort stands there now. Also lived thru the 1964 flood at Wildcat Creek. My dad Tom Day saved our neighbor Mrs. Engel. Their house was destroyed with her in it. Ragging logs and water turned the house upside down. Miracle they found her. Her husband Harry was killed in the flood. Never to be found to this day. I have many stories from that terrible flood.

  2. I still remember this section from the late ’60’s. At that time, the freeway ended and everyone dumped onto the old highway at Alder Creek.
    It’s been quite a ride to see how wide the road and shoulders were then. I’d hardly recognize it in present day, as the bushery and trees have been allowed to close in significantly from the days when this was the main drag to Mount Hood.
    Awesome website, Gary!

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