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      1. Hello. I am Corrie Beach. My family and I lived across the street from the Ivy Bear in the last 60s and early 70s. If you look across the hwy you will see a road that I walked every morning and afternoon aft er the school bus would me up or would drop me off. during the early 70 the Mt hood hwy had been redone and it is now what you drive on now. It only hade 2 lanes. it has 2 lanes east and west. I am the daughter of the late Douglas Beach. He had a TV repair shop in Sandy and also at Wemme, Oregon. I grew up with my childhood friends The Bowmans. The golf course used to be the Bowmans Golf Course.

        1. Hello Corrie. Thank you so very much for sharing. If you have any more remembrances or even some photos that you like to share, we’d love to see and hear them. Thank you.

          1. I remember your family corrie beach im Mike Bogart we lived on alder dr. On your side of hwy they had live beers where the log cabin is at one time pizza restaurant was a gift shop wood carver next door was the Forest Inn i still have family there..

        1. I remember the name Bogart. I also remember the Forest Inn. I remember the Durrs. Della and Trudee Bigelow. The Hamils, which later on became my step brothers and step sister. Im still in touch with the Bowman girls. (Women now)! Facebook has all connected!
          When I saw that the electricity had been shut down from Alder Creek all the way to government camp, I got worried for everyone there. Im glad that they did that so that the mt hood forest doesnt get burned down. Awful to think about. Be safe out there.
          I live in Texas and think of my child hood often. Growing up on Mt hood was a blessing. Wish I could do it all over again. My father Doug Beach passed away 10 years ago.
          Vicki Hamil passed away Dec 2019. My mother Faye is still alive. My dads brother Gerry Beach who lived in welches is still alive in Ferndale Washington.
          Happy Trails.
          Tight LInes
          Corrie Beach

  1. So neat! I’ll check with my parents to see if they have any photos as well – I remember quite a few pictures around and I think my mom still has them. (They owned the restaurant in the early 70’s, Hans and Ulla D’Alessio.)

  2. Hello all
    I’m Eddie and I am a host/cook at Ivy Bear Pizzeria..we are going to celebrating our 10 year anniversary in November and would love to have some of the people that remember the Ivy Bear from years ago stop by to share their memories with a whole new generation of folks who love this place as much as you do..please contact me…. 209 409 0459

  3. When I was a lil kid, in the 50’s sometime, there was a REAL Bear in a cage in front of the tavern…..The loggers who frequented the bar used to give the bear cans of beer….He probably stayed drunk all the time….

  4. Hi, my name is marin. My family moved to a home on the Sandy river back in the 60,s. A deaf man , by the name of Gerald Warre built the Ivy Bear. At night he would climb the ladder inside and light up the eyes with candles. He lived in a trailer on our street.My first job was at the Ivy Bear Rest. Han,s Dalessio owned both, he was from Switzerland and lived on Sullivan way. He was a chef at the Forest Inn, Dave was a cook at Ivy Bear. Boy I know a lot of history on the mountain.Alder creek was a great place to grow up.

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