Mud Lake - Trillium Lake

Mud Lake – Trillium Lake

Mud Lake in 1951 during the filming of Bend of The River with James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Julie Adams, and Rock Hudson. Mud Creek will be dammed to become Trillium Lake about nine years later in 1960 during the development of camping and recreational facilities.

Trillium Lake was created for the perfect photograph. At times Mount Hood reflects perfectly in the surface of the water.

Mud Lake - Trillium Lake
Mud Lake – Trillium Lake

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  1. Nice tidbit of history you have going on here Gary. A lot of movies have been filmed in Oregon. I’m not so familiar with the ones around Mt Hood but I know of ones around central Oregon better.

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  2. Even before Trillium was created this spot was an artists dream. I just found a souvenir purse from the 1905 Expo in Portland. The coin purse is made of shell and painted ON the shell is exactly that familiar view of Mt. Hood and at first I thought it was Trillium Lake. But after viewing it under strong magnification the water is GREEN. . .no not water, but the meadow that is now Trillium. So even in 1905 it was a popular view.

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