Welches Ranch, Welches Oregon

Welches Ranch, Welches Oregon

Here’s a great early view of the old Welches Ranch at Welches Oregon.

This view is after Sam had gone. You can see the store, post office, the dance hall and the white canvas tourist tents lined up along the road to the left of the Welch home. Billy’s cow pasture, which is now the golf course at the resort, is at the left side while his orchard can be seen on the right side of the photo.

When this photo was taken there was only a sign out at the Barlow Road, where the modern shopping center is presently located, directing people to turn south and drive to Welches Ranch one mile away.

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  1. Looking for history. My husband’s dad was a logger bag in 1965 and he and his family lived in the log cabin that currently still stands on Hwy 26 near Wildwood Park in Brightwood, Oregon.
    In 1965 he suffered a heart attack snd died while sitting in his log truck at the mill in Welches, Oregon. The area where this took place was described as:
    1 mile South of Tawney Bridge

    Can you help me locate facts or pictures of where this was located back in those days? No one is left today except his only son and he hasn’t much history to go on for that area and can’t find references to this name other than the Tawney homestead .

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